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Example 21

Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on October 4, 2011

Example 21

Dimension: H = 15,3 cm.; H stem = ~ 7 cm.; ø bowl = 9 cm.; ø foot = 7,8 cm.; weight = 54,5 gram

Origin & Date: Venice last Q 16th century.

Material: so called “cristallo” glass

Stem Type: This is a typical example of the highly appreciated stems “a jambe” meaning like a leg. Others call this a cigar type stem, but the more appropriate term is “a jambe”. See Baumgartner “Venise et Façon de Venise, verres renaissance du Musée des Arts Decoratives Paris. follow this link a look a like to #120

Description: The bell shaped bowl is set via a merese directly under the bowl to the hollow stem “a jambe”, being directly set via a merese to the almost flat foot. A simple and most elegant stem architecture.

Remark:  This glass like # 93 and # 117 is sometimes called a “flying glass”, as the person taking the glass is fooled by the light weight. The glass “flies” as it were as the senses are set for a much higher weight and subsequently the muscles geared to that higher weight have a funny experience from the shear light weight of the glass.

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