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FAÇON de VENISE WINE GLASS of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen

Façon de Venise glass, the Netherlands, last Q 16th cent.
H: 15.1 cm.; ø 7 cm., weight 61,7 gram.

Description: This wine glass made from “cristallo” has a rounded funnel cuppa set on a merese which connects to the hollow a-symmetrical, three dimensional and spiralled – “snaked” – stem connecting by a small merese to the slightly conical foot. The stem is decorated with a turquoise snake like ornament from which an extremely small part is missing.

Origin: most probably the Netherlands.

– Pijzel-Dommisse and Eliëns, Glinsterend glas, 1500 jaar Europese glaskunst, pag. 82,
pict. 115, as an example for the snake like structure of the stem,
– Baumgartner, 2005, pag. 196,
– Tait, Venezianisches Glas, Taschenb¸pag. 188 afb. 142, again for the “snake” form,
– Glass in the Rijksmuseum Vol.I pag. 47 afb. 52, pag. 54 afb. 65. This glass is shown upside down
as the foot is missing and a silver dice holder has been mounted on the remaining lower stem part.
The dimensions of this glass are almost identical to the one in our collection.
– Amsterdams Historisch Museum, Willet Holthuysen, pag. 121 afb. 75,
with the same stem as our glass,
– Laméris Frides and Kitty, Venetiaans en Façon de Venise glas 1500-1700
exhibition 1991, page. 121 pict.. 117,. Is almost identical but has a folded rim foot, and has an
engraving. Our glass “escaped” the hands of the engraver.
– Henkes, Glas zonder glans, page.220 nr. 48.1, this for the construction of the stem. He states that the
stem of 48.1 is a build up of a twisted glass bar. This in contradiction with our glass having a twisted
hollow stem.
– Falkenhof Museum, Rheine, Glas funde aus einem unterirdischen kanalsystem
Band 1, stamfragment nr. 100 pag. 249, large picture on pag. 252-253. This catalogue is most
interesting as it holds recent discoveries.

– With Frides Laméris,
– In the owner’s collection since 2009

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