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ACETABULUM of Joop van der Groen

Roman Glass Acetabulum

Roman Glass Acetabulum

Roman Empire │ Probably 1st century – possibly 2nd century AD
Size: ↑ 7,0 cm; Ø rim 10,8 cm. │ Weight: 141 gram

Technique: Partly blown into an open mould, the flange pressed and folded, the foot tooled
Classification: Isings (1957) form 69 a
Description: A hemispherical cup of tranparent bluish-green glass. Rim with rounded lip, at bottom of the rim a folded tubular flange. Wall curves in at top, making narrow ledge at inside. Base disk-shaped formed by tooling, slightly concave on undersite with rest of pontil.
Condition: Intact with some iridescence and encrustation
Remarks: In publications this form has often been named “patella”. This is wrong. Patella is the name of this form in terra sigillata. The correct name of this form in glass is “acetabulum”. This has been traced back to the Latin word “acetum” which means vinegar.
The glass of this acetabulum is relatively thick. The latest reference has the same measures but weights only 72 gram.
Provenance: 2008 P.E. Cuperus, Laren (NL).
From 1991 until 2008 in the private collection of Edward Elliot Elson (USA).
From 1960 until 1991 in the private collection of Alfred Wolkenberg (USA).
Published: Antiquities (Christie’s New York, 2008), Sale nr. 2007, 04-06-2008
The Alfred Wolkenberg Collection of Ancient Glass and related antiquities (Christie’s London), Auction, 09-07-1991.
Ancient Glass from the Alfred Wolkenberg collection – a loan exhibition (M. Milcovich, 1964).
Exhibited: “Ancient Glass from the Alfred Wolkenberg Collection, a loan exhibition” in Brookes Memorial Art Gallery in Memphis (USA), October 1964 – January 1965.
Reference: Römisches Buntglas in Köln (Fremersdorf, 1958), Tafel 47, no. 42.184; Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass – Vol. II (D. Whitehouse, 2001), no. 116; Ancient Glass in the Hermitage collection (N. Kunina, 1997), no. 285 and 286; Les Verres Antiques du Musée du Louvre II (V. Arveiller-Dulong & M-D. Nenna, 2005), nr. 5; Roman and Early Byzantine Glass – a Private Collection (H. van Rossum, 2014), no. HVR 012; The Allaire collection, Small Roman Glass Cup 61R.

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