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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on March 3, 2012

MINIATURE AMPHORA of  Hans van Rossum


End 3rd century – 4th century AD. Eastern Mediterranean.

Size↑ 5.7 cm. | ø 2.9 cm. (body) | Weight 24 g

Technique: Free blown. Handles, foot and coil applied.

Description: Transparent cobalt blue glass, biconical body, long cylindrical neck with constriction at the junction with the body. Disk-shaped foot, coil ring and two angular handles of pale to colorless green glass. Handles applied on the shoulder, drawn up and attached to the edge of the rim, forming a thumb-rest. A coil ring just below the rim. No pontil mark. Rare.

Condition: Intact. Perfect condition.

Remarks: It is still indistinct what the function was of miniature glass jugs. It is suggested that they were made as a gift for a child that had died.

Provenance: Jerusalem art market, Biblical Antiquities – Gil Chaya, Jerusalem 2008.

Reference: Schitterend Glas, R. Halbertsma p. 7. Comparable miniature vessels.
Archaeological Museum Pula, Croatia for a collection of miniature vessels.

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