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Probably 6th century BC. Eastern Mediterranean.

H= 15.0 cm (body 12.7 cm, stopper 3.7 cm). D max= 1.9 cm. Weight 40 gr.

Classification: Grose 1989: Class 1.

Condition: Intact. Knobbed tailpiece of one handle missing.

Technique: Rod-formed. Ring handles applied. Marvered threads applied and tooled.

Description: Translucent cobalt blue ground with decoration in opaque yellow, turquoise and white.
The straight-sided body of very tall, slender, cylindrical form rod-formed from translucent cobalt blue glass. Two ring handles with knobbed tailpieces attached to the body 2 cm below the rim. The body decorated with opaque yellow and opaque turquoise threads, combed into a feather pattern and marvered flush. A band of opaque white glass marvered around the rim of the body. The removable stopper of opaque cobalt blue glass, domed and flaring to the rim. A band of opaque white glass wound around the lip and base of the stopper.

Remarks: David Grose recognizes six distinct classes of Kohl tubes, this one belonging to the first class. Barag notes, that this very rare type of vessel may have been manufactured in Rhodes, but not for Greek customers, since kohl tubes did not form part and parcel of a Greek lady’s cosmetic outfit.

Provenance: The Cyrus Collection of Ancient Glass, New York.

Published: Sotheby’s 9 December 2003, No. 97. ,Safany Gallery 1995, The Cyrus Collection of Core Form Glass, p 7. ,Nefer 1992, Zürich, Catalogue 10, No. 18.

References:  Grose-Early Ancient Glass, David Grose, Toledo Museum, 1989, p 79, Fig. 46 (The British Museum). ,Israeli 2003, Israel Museum, No 47. ,Barag 1975, pp 29-30. ,Harden 1981, pp 75-76 No. 158.

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