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SPOONS OR LIGULAE of  Hans van Rossum



4th century AD | Roman Empire

HVR 170: Size ↔ 22.9 cm | (ø bowl) 3.9 cm | Weight 34 g
HVR 174: Size ↔ 16.5 cm | (ø bowl) 3.7 cm | Weight 24 g

Technique: Blown, tooled


HVR 170. A extremely long-handled spoon of translucent yellow brown glass, the oval-shaped bowl blown separately; raised shoulder with a protrusion on each side, the hollow handle curves downward at the end and terminates in a double point. A central baluster section with a number of cut grooves doubtless imitating a silver, bronze or bone spoon. The bowl itself deep, with a lip for pouring which is rare for a
glass spoon.

HVR 174. Spoon in iridescent and transparent yellow brown glass, the ribbed and elongated handle recurved at the terminal to form a hook; the shaft of the handle facetted with central baluster section, imitating a silver, bronze or bone spoon; the neck angled and widened to edge of bowl with a protrusion on each side; the bowl itself oval-shaped and deep.


HVR 170: Professionally restored by Restaura at Haelen. (NL),

HVR 174: Handle broken and professionally repaired by Restaura at Haelen (NL), areas with exceptional iridescence.

Remarks: I Glass spoons are extremely rare in Roman as well in Islamic art. See p. 265

Provenance: TimeLine Auctions London, auction 4 August 2012 lot 61 (HVR 174) and 1 December 2012 lot 398 (HVR 170) Collection Silk London, acquired 1950’s

Reference: Reflections on Ancient Glass from the Borowski Collection, R.S. Bianchi (ed) no. GR 17c , for an almost identical example Glass from Islamic Lands, the Al-Sabah Collection, S. Carboni nos. 30a & 30b. for striking similar spoons, Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass -Vol. 1, D. Whitehouse no. 357, Ancient Glass in the Hermitage Collection, N. Kunina no. 85, Ancient Glass in National Museums Scotland, C.S. Lightfoot no. 461, Glass at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge Press no. 103, Kunst der Antike, Galerie Günter Puhze, Katalog 20 – 2006 no. 135, Magiche Trasparenze, I vetri dell’antica Albingaunum, B. Massabò no 7, Christie’s London, auction 8 April 1998 lot 118 for the later Borowski example.

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