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VENETIAN WINE GLASS of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen



 Origin: Venice, but could also be Tuscany, end 16th early 17th century.

Dimensions:Size↑ 13,5 cm.; ø cuppa 11 cm.; ø foot 7,8 cm.; weight 75,9 gram.

Description: Venetian wine glass with a wide trumpet shaped bowl or cuppa.

Remark: This is in a way an exceptional glass because of the wide trumpet shaped cuppa set on a hollow conical stem. A so called stem a tige (twig). The cuppa and the stem are connected thru a small merese. The connection thru the merese makes this glass exceptional because the more common construction for an a tige glass is without a merese. The connection with a merese is more common for stems a jambe. There is a small bulbous projection of solid glass in the cuppa which could only be made with the glass mass as used at that time. A mass with a relative high level of soda also called “long glass”, as the glass can be worked over a wider temperature range without re-heating. The stem is set again with a small merese to the slightly conical foot. This type of glass has been made over a relative short period.

Material: Cristallo glass

– Tait, Venezianisches Glas, (Taschenbücher) pg. 125 nr. 55. However, that glass has a stem a
– Bellanger, Histoire du Verre, L’ Aube des temps modernes 1453-1672,
pg. 30, the one to the right which is in my opinion the same one Tait shows.
– Charleston, Masterpieces of Glass pg. 92 again like the one Tait and Bellanger show.
– Tait, The golden age of Venetian Glass, pg. 54, again the same glass.
– Baumgartner, Gläser, Katalog des Museums der Stadt Regensburg,
Sammlung Brauser, pg. 52. nr. 100, however with a stem a jambe which is the more common
structure for this type of glass.
– Baumgartner, Venise et Façon de Venis, Musée des arts decoratifs, pg. 80 nr. 31
Again a glass with a stem a jambe, but with a remarkable alikeness.

– old Italian collection
– With Frides Laméris,
– In owners collection since 2014

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