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CORE FORMED OEINOCHOE of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen



Dimensions: Size↑5,5 cm.; ø corpus 2,7 cm.; ø footring 1,6 cm.; weight 28,5 gram.
Origin: Middle East, Phoenicia, 4th century B.C.

Description:The small juglet with a kind of ovoid body is core formed from blue glass and is decorated with turquois spirals around the body, the neck and also on the top of the typical cloverleaf spout.
The handle has been firmly fixed to the shoulder of the body and with a wide arch pulled to the outlet to which the handle is fixed. The cloverleaf spout is somewhat extended adding to the elegance of the object.
– Saldern von; Glas von der Antike bis zum Jugendstil, Sammlung Hans Cohn,
Los Angeles, pg. 36 nr. 24c.
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– collection E.B.
– With Artcurial Parijs, Export certificate nr. 139539

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