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Amphora-shaped Flask of Joop van der Groen



Roman Empire, Eastern Mediterranean │ 3th – 4th century AD
Size: ↑ 16,0 cm; Ø max. 6,5 cm; Ø rim 5.0 cm. │ Weight: 52 gram

Technique: Free blown. Tooled.
Description: Transparent yellowgreen glass. Concave base without pontil mark. Conical body with round shoulders. Short neck with widening mouth. Rim folded outward, downward and inward.
Condition: Intact with some iridescence.
Remarks: The flask has probably been used as decanter for wine or water. Because the flask can not stand it must have stood in a standard of wood, earthenware or metal.
Provenance: Before 2004 in the private collection of Shermaryahu Levin, Israel.
Published: Ancient Coins and Antiquities (Archaeological Center Tel Aviv), Auction 31, 07-04-2004.
Reference: Ancient Glass at the Newark Museum from the Eugene Schaefer Collection of Antiquities (S. Auth, 1976), no. 442; Glas der Antike – Kestner Museum Hannover (U. Liepmann, 1982). no. 81; Verres Antiques et de Islam, Ancienne Collection de Monsieur D.
(Drouot Paris, 03/04-6-1985), no. 463; Roman and Early Byzantine Glass – a Private Collection (H. van Rossum, 2014), no. HVR 061.

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