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TWO ARYBALLOI OF A Private Dutch Collection of Roman Glass



1.Yellow aryballos
2nd Century AD, Eastern Mediterranean, probably Asia Minor
Size: H = 14.4 cm D = 10.2 cm

2.Trailed aryballos
2nd Century AD, Rhineland (Germany)
Size: 5.3 cm D = 4.7 cm

1.Yellow aryballos

Isings: form 61
Intact: some weathering
Description: the spherical body of this aryballos is adorned with wheel cut lines. Two applied amber handles. The rim indicates that the bottle was made in Asia Minor. Probably used in Roman house to refill the small aryballoi with oil for public bath visits.
Provenance: Galerie Jürgen Haering Freiburg (Germany)
Ref.: J.H.Demeulenaere, no.277, P.E.Cuperus no.065
Exhibited: Museum Honig Breethuis Zaandijk (NL) 2011, 15

2.Trailed aryballos

Isings: form 61


Description: The name ‘aryballos’ originally comes from the Greek (in Latin ‘ ampulla oleara’) and is found all over the Roman Empire. These aryballoi were used for carrying oil when visiting public baths. This particular one with a trailed body and dolphin handles is typically Gallo-Roman and probably made in Cologne (Germany).

Provenance: The Louis-Gabriel Bellon (1819-1899) Collection

Ref.: Fremersdorf, no.230

Exhibited: Thermen Museum Heerlen (NL), ‘Roman Glass from Private collections’, 29 April-28 August 2011,
Museum Honig Breethuis Zaandijk (NL), ‘Fascinating luxury from Antiquity’, 12 November 2011-30 January, exp. no 16

Published: Romeins Glas uit Particulier bezit (2011)

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