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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on April 2, 2012

Jar with open zig-zag trailing of  The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Roman Glass zig-zag Jar

Roman Glass zig-zag Jar

3rd- 4th Century AD, Eastern Mediterranean
H = = 8.3 cm
Classification: Hayes XIV

Condition: Intact
Remarks: A jar like this with a looped-thread around the rim is the kind of versatile vessel that could have been used in various parts of a Roman home, to store culinary spices, medicinal herbs, as cosmetic ingredients. Perhaps a vessel like this Apicius had in mind when he recommended: ‘put the laserpitium in an spacious glass vessel with about twenty pine nuts, grind some of the pine nuts and you will be surprised by the flavor it gives the food’ (S.J.Fleming)
Provenance: Heninger collection
Published: Fortuna Fine Art Ltd NY (Solid Liquid 1999)
Ref.: Hayes; Antiken Museum Berlin

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