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TWO PERFUME BOTTLES of  Hans van Rossum



1st – 2nd century AD | Syro-Palestinian area for the tallest and Italy for the small example.

Size↑10.5 cm | Weight 8 g | L
Size↑15.0 cm | Weight 24 g | R

Technique: Free blown, tooled

Classification: Isings 1957 form 82 A1 | Calvi 1968 group Cγ1

Description: Two bottles of almost colorless and thin glass, small bell-shaped body with hollowed base, long and narrow tubular neck splaying slightly above constriction at the junction with the base for the tallest example. Rim folded outward and inward for the tallest example and unworked or knocked-off for the small example. No pontil-rest.

Condition: Intact with iridescence and some weathering

Remarks: The constriction at the junction with the body is the result of using a hand-held tool, marking the line between neck and blown body.

Provenance: Collection Albert Loncke, Overpelt (B) 1995

Reference: Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass – Vol. I, D. Whitehouse no. 271
Ancient Glass at the Newark Museum, S.H. Auth no. 418, inv. no. 50.1689
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Ancient Glass Collection, Türkiye Şişe ve Cam Fabrikalari A.Ş., Ű. Canav no. 58 & 59

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