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English Facon de Venise Glass Tazza

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English Facon De Venise Glass Tazza

A small tazza made of clear soda glass with a shallow tray gently curving up at the edge. The spreading conical base has a folded foot.  This is a product of one of the Duke of Buckingham’s glass factories in England which were active around the 1670’s. The tazza illustrates the influence of Venetian style of glassmaking and use of soda glass prior to the introduction of leaded glass later in the British market of the 18th Century.

D: 1670

H: 3cm

D: 13cm


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This pale olive green bottle has a funnel-shaped mouth and two handles of a darker green color. The faint diagonal pattern on the body was achieved by first blowing the glass into an optic mold. The bubble was then removed, twisted and further inflated. The small hole created by the neck constriction in this vessel permits only a drop or two of liquid to pass through at a time. This also prevents the costly contents from evaporating. The glass is still fairly clear and transparent as it was originally intended when created. Flask is intact. It was found in Israel.

D: 3rd to 4th Century AD

H: 7.5 cm Rim: 5.2 cm

1r-Roman glass sprinkler-flask

01R Roman Glass Sprinkler Flask 3nd-4th Century

A Pair Of Early English Gin Glasses

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Early English Gin Glasses (Pair)

This pair of small English glasses was probably used for drinking gin based on their size. They have a drawn trumpet bowl, solid stem and folded foot and are almost identical except for a variation in height.

H: 4 & 4 ½ inches

D: 18th Century

Ref: Bickerton #344, #385

64E Pair of Early English Gin Glasses

64E Pair of Early English Gin Glasses

Facon de Venise Glass Pilgrim Flask

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Pilgrim Flask Facon de Venise

A pilgrim flask was originally a flattened gourd-shaped bottle made mostly of pottery intended for use by pilgrims to carry water. Those made since the 15th C of glass may have been more for ornamental purposes. Most of the flasks with this shape are enameled and some decorated with gold-leaf.

H: 18.4 cm  

D: 16th Century or Later

Ref: European Glass, Getty #20, Robert Lehman Collection, Met #4, Golden Age of Venetian Glass #37

25E Venetian Glass Pilgrim Flask

25E Venetian Glass Pilgrim Flask

The three pilgrim flasks below are examples of enameled and gold-leaf decoration often found on this type of glass.

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