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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on May 13, 2015

Egyptian Glass Bowl of Allaire Collection

66R Egyptian Glass Bowl from Karanis' 5-6th Century

66R Egyptian Glass Bowl from Karanis’ 5-6th Century

Date: 5th – 6th C. AD

H: 6.5 cm D: 10.5 cm

Description: The form of this bowl is typical of those found at Karanis in Faiyum, Egypt. It was made by free blowing the yellowish green glass into a bell-shaped bowl which sits on a large pad base with crisscross tooling on the exterior. It has a small kick and pontil mark on the base. A similar glass can be found on this site at EGYPTIAN DEEP BOWL of  A Private Dutch Collection of Roman Glass

Ref: Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass vol. 1 # 107 & #109, Fascinating Fragility, Nico Bijnsdorp, P. 401, The Alfred Wolkenberg Collection, Christies’s July 9, 1991 Lot 74, Verres Antiques et De L’Islam, Juin 3 & 4, 1985 Paris, lot 406

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