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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

4th century AD. | Eastern Mediterranean | Isings form:133

Size: ↑ Mouth:16.9 cm | ↑Loop: 18.1 cm | ø Body: 8 cm | ø  Mouth 4.7 cm | Weight: 87 g

Technique: Free-blown to ovoid shape; mouth out splayed and rounded; cylindrical neck, from body to mouth ribbed with a fork-like, probably wooden, utensil to create the spiraled interior*; handle applied, placed above shoulder, drawn up to the underside of the mouth, then drawn up again to create a loop, as a thumb rest,  placed upwards from the edge of the mouth.

(* Suggested by Hans van Rossum who investigated the phenomenon on a glass in his own collection.)

Description: Ovoid shaped body of transparent glass with a greenish tinge; funnel shaped mouth, abraded rim; clear light-green handle; flattened concave base; rest of pontil mark visible; slightly iridescent, some adhering dust.


No parallel vessel known concerning the combination of transparency of the ovoid body with funnel mouth, grooved neck, green loop handle and concave base.

Condition: Complete, no cracks, slightly iridescent with some adhering dust, in good and beautiful condition all over.

Remarks: Only the neck holds a ribbed interior, that starts almost unnoticed at the shoulder and stops rather exactly at one third of the funnel mouth, and it is emphasized when a fluid is poured through it into a cup or bowl. The operation to create this effect is well considered by the glass maker.

Provenance: From a Dutch collection. First publication.

Reference: to the (diagonal or vertical) spiral grooving of the third to fourth century:

Kisa 1, 1908, p 187, plate 93.

Morin Jean, 1913, Forme 51, handle δ2.

Harden, 1936, Karanis, pl XVIII, 612.

Isings, 1957, variation to form 133, bulbous flask, cylindrical neck, funnel mouth.

Von Saldern, Sammlung Hentrich, 1974, nrs 59-61, p 73-74.

Von Saldern e.a. 1974, Sammlung Oppenländer, no 491, p 179.

Kunina, 1997, no’s 173-175, p 136-137.

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