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Waldglas Maigelein from the Middle Ages

Posted in 3. European Glass, CATEGORIES OF GLASS TYPES ON THIS SITE, Medieval Glass by Allaire Collection of Glass on August 15, 2015

Maigelein from the Middle Ages

A Maigelein is a type of wine glass in a group of green glasses called Waldglas (forest-glass). They were made in the later Middle Ages in northern Germany, the Low Countries, and central Europe. The color came from the presence of impurities (iron oxide) in the raw materials. This cup has a pattern-molded design with a high kick. (also see Maigelein 49E)

H: 6 cm


23E Waldglas Maigeline from the Middle Ages

Kunstgewerbemuseum # 140, Amendt #76-80, Phonix #359

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