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Roman Aryballos 68R

Roman Aryballos 68R

Date: First or possibly Second Century AD

H: 9.5 cm, D: rim 4 cm, D: max 8.7 cm

This free-blown bottle is decorated with four wheel-cut horizontal bands and two heavy handles are attached just under the rim.
Comment: These thick-walled bulbous glass flasks, used for oil, are frequently referred to by their Greek name Aryballos. They were commonly used for carrying oil to the public baths and many examples show the metal chains and hooks still attached.
Ex collection: Paul E Cuperus
Ref: Roman Glass, Corning Vol. I #351, Glasses of antiquity, Fortune Fine Arts, #57
Published: Glass from the Roman Empire, Paul E Cuperus, June 2000 page 20

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