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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on October 20, 2015

Sidonian Bottle with Scroll Design

This is a light violet mold-blown bottle with a single light green handle which was probably made in Sidon.  Sidon is located in the modern country of Lebanon and has been a glass manufacturing center from the time it was a Phoenician city about 4000 BC.  It may be the city where glass was first made.  During the Roman period Sidon also continued to be a glass manufacturing center.  A large group of these small mold-blown bottles of this type are thought to come from this area and were made in the first Century.  Sidonian bottles were made in many different motifs and colors but are all in the general size and shape of this example.

H: 8 cm

First Century A.D.

Ref: Constable Maxwell #105 (light brown), Stern 1995, Toledo Museum # 55, Nico F. Bijnsdorp book FASCINATING FRAGILITY # 230 (manganese), The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass (manganese with cobalt blue handle)

43R Sidonian Bottle with Scoll Design 1st century

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