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WARZENBEACHER (wart beaker)

Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on December 18, 2015

Warzenbecher (German) literally means wart beaker also called a bossed beaker.  This is a small olive-tinted beaker molded with bosses and having a high kick in base. There are two types of beakers with this name. The first is generally lighter in color, weight and from the Netherlands as shown in this example. It is made by mould-blown decoration of drops, tears or warts on the tumbler. The bottom of this beaker has a pattern with a star derived from the mould.  The second type is made of heavy and thick green glass in the shape of a tumbler and decorated with scattered prunts of irregular shapes or raspberry prunts. The prunts are applied to the beaker as molten blobs of glass.

H: 5.5cm D: 6.5cm

Early 17th Century

Ref: Christies March 28, 2000 #7,Ruckert 1982 p81 #283, Henkes #31.3, Amendt #176-178

74E Warzenbecher

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