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American Midwestern Blue Glass Pitcher

Posted in 1. American Glass, Early American Glass before 1850 by Allaire Collection of Glass on December 7, 2015

This is a Midwestern free blown blue glass pitcher with an applied high handle.

H: 4 ½ inches

Early 19th Century

63A American Blue Glass Pitcher

Roman Bowl with Vertical Rim

Posted in 2. Ancient Glass, Roman Glass by Allaire Collection of Glass on December 1, 2015

This simple Roman bowl was made with a vertical rim folded under to form a small flange. The bottom is finished with a ring base and the center of the bowl shows a slight kick

First Century

H: 5 cm, D: 12.5

Ref: Trasparenze Imperiale#161, Constable-Maxwell Lot# 128

63R Roman bowl with vertical rim

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