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Spanish Cantir with White Trails from Catalonia

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Cantir with Filigrana from Catalonia

Cantir of yellowish glass decorated with opaque white trails called vetro a fili. Glassmakers in Catalonia, Spain were producing decoration of this type from the middle of the 16th into the 17th Century.

H: 19 1/2 cm

D: 2nd half of 16th to early 17th Century

44E Spanish Cantir


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This is a fire grenade made by the General Fire Extinguisher Co. in NY and was called the Harkness Fire Destroyer (1871-1892). A fire grenade is a fire extinguisher in a glass bottle. Containers like this one held liquid chemicals and were thrown at the base of the fire so the bottle would smash and release the chemicals, putting out the fire. This dark blue bottle still contains the extinguishing fluid of an unknown composition. Early ones used salt-water, and ones made after 1910 used mainly carbon-tetrachloride which was inexpensive and effective. After 1950 carbon-tetrachloride could no longer be used in glass fire grenades because of its chemical toxicity. Exposure to high concentrations of this damages the nervous system and internal organs. Additionally, when used on a fire, the heat can convert CTC to Phosgene gas, formerly used as a chemical weapon in World War One.

H: 6 ½ inches

22a Fire Grenada Bottle

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