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The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Large square Roman bottle

Large square Roman bottle

Large square Roman bottle

Large square Roman bottle

1st – 2nd Century A.D., (Isings form 50B) Rhineland (Germany)
H = 24.8 cm, D = 9.5 cm

Condition: Intact

Remarks: C.Isings/P.L.W. Arts: ‘Mold-blown prismatic bottles with square, rectangular or circular bodies were used to transport liquids all over the Empire. The majority were mold-blown, often with relief decoration on the base, especially concentric circles (see picture) or other geometric motifs and occasionally with lettering. In the Western Roman Empire cremation was practiced. Sometimes bottles like these were also used for cinerary purposes. This particular large bottle still has remains of bones inside. According to Fleming (1997) its narrow neck makes it an unusual, but not unique choice for use as a cremation urn.

Provenance: Private Belgian collection

Exhibited: Museum Honig Breethuis (NL) ’Fascinating luxury of Antiquity’, 12 November 2011– 30 January 2012 , exp no. 39

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