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A PAIR OF FACON DE VENISE WINE GLASSES of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen

Glass # 1, H 17,3 cm.; ø foot 7,8 cm.; ø bowl 5,3 cm.; ø stem 4 mm.; weight 46.1 grams.
Glass # 17, H 22,4 cm.; ø foot 8,3 cm.; ø bowl 6,6 cm.; ø stem 4 mm.; weight 56,7 grams.

Origin: most probably the Southern part of the Netherlands from the end 17th to early 18th century

Remarks: Our collection started with the left one, the smallest one  17,3 cm. We were, a long time ago at the PAN in Amsterdam where we saw this glass and became very interested. We really didn’t know anything about glass from this period. We asked the dealer, Frides Laméris, if this was a glass of Danish design. The simplicity of the glass – the tall slender drawn stem and the triangular bowl – was at least in our opinion typical for the Danish designs. Mr. Laméris, always the gentleman, said instead of breaking out in laughter, oh no this is a glass made at the end 17th early 18th century. From then on we got “hooked” on the plain drinking glasses. (plain meaning for us, glasses which escaped the hands of the engravers) Sometime later we acquired the taller glass from our dear friend Peter Korf de Gidts, also quite a gentleman.

Description: These glasses, which could be categorized as Façon de Venise, are called in Dutch “pijpensteeltje” this in an analogy to the old clay pipes that also had a slender “tube”, or “steeltje”, leading to the small head of the clay pipe. This type of glass was mainly produced in the Southern part of the Netherlands in the area of Namur in the 17th and 18th century. (see Toussaint 1997 pg.58 pict. top left) It remains remarkable that these glasses with their slender stems survived all those sometimes quite turbulent years.

Parallels (ao.):
– Ritsema van Eck, Glass in the Rijksmuseum pg. 165 nr. 241, pg. 166 nr. 242 & 243,
– Kristin Duysters, Facetten van glas, de glascollectie van het NMA pg. 78 nr. 38-39,
– Pijzel-Dommisse & Eliëns, Glinsterend glas, pg. 87 nr. 124
– Liefkes, Museum Mr. Simon van Gijn, catalogus glascollectie pg. 102/103

Glass # 1, with Frides Laméris V.O.F.;
Glass # 17, with Peter Korf de Gidts.

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