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From The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Roman juglet with cobalt blue handle

Roman juglet with cobalt blue handle

1st Century A.D. (Stern MCT VIII), Eastern Mediterranean, probably Sidon

Size:H = 8.7 cm D = 4.5 cm

Description: Mold-blown (in two parts) transparent manganese ovoid body with a frieze of 21 down-turned rounded tongues on the upper side and 30 on the lower side. In the middle a band of tendril scrolls, bordered above and below by two horizontal lines. Free blown rim and neck, cylindrical base with flat but uneven bottom. Cobalt blue handle drawn up (with thumb-rest) from body and attached just under the rim. Intact and in excellent condition.
Provenance: The Pressman collection
Y.Israeli: ‘ relief-decorated glass vessels from the beginning of the Roman period appear in large numbers over an extremely wide area of distribution – from Armenia and the shores of the Black Sea to southern France and Spain in the Western Mediterranean. Nevertheless, there is notable concentration of such objects from the east, which has led scholars to conclude that Sidon, on the Phoenician coast, mentioned in historical sources as an important center of glass manufacture, was the site where vessels of this type were first produced.’

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