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ROMAN BLUE RIBBED BOWL (zarte Rippenschale)

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BLUE RIBBED BOWL (zarte Rippenschale) of  Hans van Rossum



Size↑6.5 cm | ø 10.9 cm | Weight 132 g

First half of 1st century AD | Roman Empire with areas of concentration in northern Italy, Dalmatia, Carniolia (Slovenia) and the Ticino area

Technique: Probably combination of a mold and free blown, tooled.

Classification: Isings 1957 form 17

Description: Transparent cobalt-blue glass, the flaring and widened mouth with a cracked-off and polished rim cover a squat spherical body, blown into a mold and decorated with nineteen ribs which are connected by an arch. Flattened base, no pontil mark.

Condition: Intact, minor chip to rim; perfect condition

Remark: These bowls were for the first time discussed by dr. Thea Elisabeth Haevernick in 1958 when she listed 219 examples, in 1967 followed by a new study of another 318 pieces, so together more than 500 examples were included. Brown or honey-brown was in case of this research the most common glass color for these bowls, on the second place cobalt-blue and on the third place purple. On distance followed by bright-green or bluish-green and milky-white tones. The exact procedure of shaping the ribs is disputed. Were they mold-blown (Fremersdorf 1958, Auth 1976 Rütti 1988 and Simona 1991) or free blown, pinched individually with a hand-held tool as is suggested by Harden 1947, Berger 1960, Haevernick 1967, Pfeffer 1981 and Stern 2001.

Provenance: Private collection Germany, formed between 1964 – 1981

Published: De Oude Flesch, no. 135, 2013, p. 12 ,Romeins Glas uit particulier bezit, J. v.d. Groen & H. van Rossum 2011, p. 39, Museumtijdschrift, no. 4, June – July 2011, p. 28, De Oude Flesch, no. 125, 2011, p. 30 & De Oude Flesch, no. 124, 2011, p. 17, Gorny & Mosch Munich, Auktion Kunst der Antike no. 124, 27. Mai 2003 lot 16

Exhibited: Thermenmuseum Heerlen (NL), Romeins Glas, geleend uit particulier bezit, exp. no. 39. 29 April – 28 August 2011

Reference: The Fascination of Ancient Glass, Dolf Schut Collection, M. Newby and D. Schut no. 20
(5.0 x 7.9 cm) Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf Glassammlung Hentrich, A. von Saldern no. 36 (5.5 x 8.8 cm)
Glasses of Antiquity, Fortuna Fine Arts Ltd., no. 23 (6.5 x 8.8 cm), Literature ‘Die Verbreitung der ‘’zarten Rippenschalen’’ T. E. Haevernick in Jahrbuch des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums Mainz, 14. Jahrgang 1967

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