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Roman Ribbed Glass Bowl

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Roman Ribbed Glass Bowl

The early cast ribbed bowls of the Hellenistic Period were simulated in the First Century by blown bowls with pinched ribs.  This example is made of clear colorless glass with no decoration and seems to be rarer then the colored decorated bowls of this type.  It was probably made in Northern Italy.

H: 6 cm

First Century

Ref: Oppenlander #264 & #265

19R Blown Ribbed Bowl First C. AD H: 6 cm, D: 8 cm

19R Blown Ribbed Bowl First C. AD H: 6 cm, D: 8 cm

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  1. Lawrence H. Conklin said, on March 27, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    Dear M/M Allaire,
    Thank you for the the photograph of 19R Blown Ribbed Bowl. Seeing it as an isolated object with no other specimens nearby as distractions I see more clearly what you have done. Since I have been viewing glass objects wherever I can find them or pictures of them, I see the difference between the extra-carefully chosen objects in your collection against what I have seen in more than a year of searching. I have seen, probably, more than a hundred pictures of ribbed bowls and I prefer your choice for proportion mostly, but also for balance, color, condition and iridescence.
    Yours truly,
    Lawrence Conklin.

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