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Late 1st century BC – mid – 1st century AD |probably Eastern Mediterranean.

Size↑3.7 cm | ø 11.2 cm | Weight 136 g

Technique: Sagged, rotary-polished on the interior, the top and the outside of the rim; fire-polished on the rest of the exterior. The ribs were possibly formed, using a multi-pronged tool and a version of a Roman wool comb with about 18 or 20 steel tines. To push against the hot surface of the glass, after the bowl has slumped (Mark Taylor, London).

Classification: Isings 1957 form 3c, bowl with ribs on the sides only

Description: Broad, shallow ribbed bowl in green glass. On the exterior of the body, seventy-four short, close-set ribs arranged almost vertically around the middle of the body. On the interior, in a circular band at the junction of the side two concentric grooves; another two concentric grooves around the center, both precisely cut. Vertical rim with slightly rounded edge; flattened base, no pontil scar.

Condition: In a good condition, a small internal crack of 0.5 cm. which cannot be felt, not on the exterior nor on the interior, and probably a result of some pollution during the production.

Provenance: UK Antiquities dealer, 2016, Formerly part of the private collection of the former owner of Great House, Kegworth, Derbyshire, UK, before the house was sold.

Reference: Early Ancient Glass, The Toledo Museum of Art, D. F. Grose nos. 236 & 237, Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, the Eliahu Dobkin Collection and Other Gifts, Y. Israeli cat. no. 71, Solid Liquid, Fortune Fine Arts Ltd, cat. no. 52

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