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Roman Glass Aryballos with Four Handles

Roman Glass Aryballos with Four Handles

Roman Glass Aryballos with Four Handles top view

Roman Glass Aryballos with Four Handles top view

1st century AD | Found in Rhineland, Cologne Size↑5.0 cm | ø 5.4 cm | Weight 42 g

Technique: Free blown, dolphin-handles applied

Classification: Isings 1957 form 61 | Type HN. 8 Sennequier |Sorokina rim type B, handles type D9

Description: Translucent bluish-green glass, thick-walled squat globular body, short cylindrical neck, as if sunken into sloping shoulder, rim folded outward, forming a triangle downward and back upward. Four yellowish green dolphin-shaped handles applied on the shoulder stretched along the neck, turned backward, the end connected to the beginning of the handle. The base is slightly indented with no pontil mark.

Condition: Intact, some slightly weathering

Remarks: Most of the aryballoi have two handles, but specimens with three or even four handles also occur. That makes this example exceedingly rare and almost unique. The form and the attachment of the handles are typical for a production in the surrounding area of Cologne. In Roman times the Latin word ampulla for an oil-bottle was more common than the Greek word aryballos. Also great importance was attached to the personal possession of an ampulla together with a strigil.

Provenance: Apolluxx S.A.R.L. Luxembourg 2006 Collection of an apothecary, Cologne (1962-2005)

Published: Romeins Glas uit particulier bezit, J. van der Groen & H. van Rossum 2011, p. 101 De Oude Flesch, no. 121, 2010, p. 23

Exhibited: Thermenmuseum Heerlen (NL), Romeins Glas, geleend uit particulier bezit, exp. no. 172
29 April – 28 August 2011

Reference: Only two more aryballoi with four handles are known. The first one is identical and found in a tombe at Lillebonne (F). The second one is part of the collection in the Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Napoli. Only two fragments of aryballoi with three handles are found in Augst. La verrerie romaine en Haute-Normandie, G. Sennequier no. 240; HN 8.1B p. 116

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