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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on March 19, 2016

SMALL GLASS VENETIAN VASE of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen



Small Venetian vase, end 16th early 17th century
H 11 cm.; ø 9,5 cm.; weight 186 gram.

This quite rare Venetian vase, made from “cristallo”, has been at first mold blown and afterwards optically blown out, where the lobes in the top part were formed with pliers or other tools. The top part has 6 lobes starting from the bulbous corpus. The transition form the bulbous corpus to the lobed top end is marked with a small thread of glass. The lobes are still visible in the bottom part creating a sparkling effect. The vase gives the impression of a folded piece of cloth. The handles are formed in a way quite typical for Venice with the scrolls and the way the handles are attached to the lower corpus. The vase with the pretty high kick in base, showing the pontil mark, is set on a base ring.

Origin: Venice late 16th early 17th century.

Parallels: up to now no parallels found.

– old – unspecified – collection
– with Frides Laméris Amsterdam
– in owners collection since 2006.

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