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1st century AD | Eastern Mediterranean

Size↑7.2 cm | ø 5.4 cm | Weight 32 g

Technique: Free-blown, handles applied

Classification: Barag 1970, Type 9.1

Description: Transparent manganese glass. The thin-walled aryballos with slightly squat globular
body, cylindrical neck and flaring folded rim. Rim folded inward. Flat base, slightly
concave at center, no pontil mark. Two bifurcated handles of marbled blue glass
applied on the shoulder, drawn up, folded down and up against upper neck and rim.

Condition: Intact, rainbow-colored and fine silvery iridescence; perfect condition

Remarks: Most thin-walled aryballoi are bichrome or polychrome, the body is one-color and the handles and/or rim are of a contrasting color. Bifurcated handles are specific characteristics for early blown aryballoi.

Provenance:Jerusalem art market; Sasson Ancient Art Ltd. 2011
Sasson private collection, Israel

Published: Archaeological Center Tel Aviv, auction 49, 15 December 2010 lot 117

Reference: Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, The Eliahu Dobkin Collection and Other Gifts,
Y. Israeli no. 333
Ancient Glass in the Hermitage Collection, N. Kunina cat. no. 343
Kunst der Antike, Galerie Günter Puhze, Katalog 23 no. 154
Roman, Byzantine and Early Medieval Glass, Ernesto Wolf Collection, E. M. Stern, no. 14 (different rim)

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