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Mid 1st century AD | Eastern Mediterranean, probably north Italy

Size↑16.3 cm | ø 4.0 cm | Weight 24 g


Technique: Free blown

Classification: Isings 1957 form 9a | Barag 1970: Type 22.1

Description: Translucent amber glass unguentarium with slender fusiform shape, narrow
cylindrical body, tapering at top and bottom, cylindrical neck, everted rim with
inward- folded lip, pointed base. No pontil mark.

Condition: Intact with areas of iridescence

Remarks: This type of unguentarium is not very numerous. The earliest specimen comes from
a Locarno grave and from Pompeii several specimens are known. (Isings 1957)

Provenance: Medusa (Ancient) Art, Canada 2010
Collection: George Moro, Canada 1960’s – 2003

Reference: Roman and Pre-Roman Glass in the Royal Ontario Museum, J.W. Hayes no. 103
Ancient Glass at the Newark Museum, S.H. Auth no. 359, inv. no. 50.1522
Verres Antiques et de l’Islam, Ancienne Collection de Monsieur D(emeulenaere), lot 141
Gläser der Antike, Sammlung Oppenländer, A. von Saldern no. 639
Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, The Eliahu Dobkin Collection and Other Gifts,
Y. Israeli no. 105

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