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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on April 5, 2016

PATTERN-BLOWN FLASK of  Hans van Rossum

5th century AD | Eastern Mediterranean, Syro-Palestinian area

Size↑13.6 cm | ø 7.0 cm (body) | Weight 46 g

Technique: Body pattern-blown, neck free blown Description: Transparent pale green glass, bulbous and honeycomb pattern-molded body, deeply indented base, the funnel-shaped neck with golden amber spiral trailing of different thickness, encircling it approximately twelve times. Condition: Intact with a large patch of brilliant iridescence Provenance: Private collection USA, formed between 1979 – 2002 Formerly part of the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Constable-Maxwell, prior to 1979 Published: Arte Primitivo USA, auction 24 January 2003 lot 213 The Constable-Maxwell Collection of Ancient Glass, Sotheby’s 5 June 1979 lot 239 Reference: Glass at the Fitzwilliam Museum no. 110b The Benzian Collection of Ancient Glass, Sotheby’s London, auction 7 July 1994 lot 116 Ancient Glass in National Museums Scotland, C. S. Lightfoot no. 301

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