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DECORATED JUGLET of  Hans van Rossum

Decorated Juglet

Decorated Juglet

4th – 5th century AD | Eastern Mediterranean, probably Syria or eastern Palestine

Size↑10.5 cm | ø 6.8 cm (body) | Weight 58 g

Technique: Free blown, handle and thread applied; tooled

Description: Translucent pale green glass, squat globular body, cylindrical neck and wide mouth with trefoil lip, slightly concave base, rest of pontil mark. The trefoil mouth edged with a thick cobalt blue thread and the neck covered with an applied spiral blue trail in several revolutions just below the rim. The body decorated with two bundles of glass thread each consisting of three thin to thick blue horizontal trails pincered together at regular intervals to form a chain-like design. A cobalt blue coil handle, applied on the shoulder in an excessive way, drawn up, forming a thumb-rest, drawn up, making a second fold, attached to edge of rim and ending in a third fold.

Condition: Intact, some small pieces of trailing missing. Body covered with a creamy layer, at some spots flaked off to reveal iridescence. Handle and thread with silvery iridescence.

Provenance: Collection Robert Galoob (USA) 2005

Remarks: Although it is not easy to find good parallels of this specific form, the resemblance between this jug and the one which is part of the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is so striking that there can be no doubt that both juglets were made in the same workshop. Jugs of this form and decorated with a chain-like decoration were common in the eastern Mediterranean during the fourth and fifth century AD. although they are more typically decorated with applied blue or turquoise zigzag trailing. The chain-like decoration on this example also occurs on other forms, such as jars or flasks.

Reference: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Accession Number: 37.128.6 for a complete identical example, Vetri del Mediterraneo Orientale, p. 94-5 no. 43, A Collection of Ancient Glass 500 BC – 500 AD, P.L.W. Arts no. 76 for an identical decoration but applied on the body of a jar. ,Glass from the Roman Empire, P.E. Cuperus no. PEC 058 for a similar chain-like decoration in cobalt blue.

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