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Roman Empire, found in Asia Minor in province Karaman │ 2nd century
Size: ↑ 21,3 cm; Ø max. 11,3 cm; Ø rim 4,6 cm. │ Weight: 57 gram

Technique: Free blown. Tooled.
Classification: Isings (1957) form 82 B2.
Description: Transparent almost colourless glass. Low conical body with fully concave base. No pontil mark. Tall narrow tubular neck. Rim folded outward, down, upward and inward and then flattened.
Condition: Except a mini crack in rim intact with iridescence and encrustation.
Remarks: This candlestick has been used as perfume flask. The perfume was only in the body. The mouth was closed with something for holding the aroma in the neck.
Prof. dr. Henkes, named in the provenance, was a famous eye surgeon. In the sixties en seventies he has often given lectures about eye surgery in the Middle East. Then he bought Roman glass from local dealers.
On the undersite of this candlestick he has fastened a little circular sticker with the printed tekst COLLECTIE HAROLD E. HENKES and with ink written 33.
Provenance: 2011 Frides Lameris Kunst en Antiekhandel vof, Amsterdam 1966 – 2010 in the private collection of Prof. dr. Harold E. Henkes, Netherlands, Henkes bought it in April 1966 from antique dealer Sarraf in Karaman (Turkey).
Reference: Das naturfarbene sogenannte blaugrüne Glas in Köln (Fremersdorf, 1958), Tafel 88, no. 27.57; Verreries antiques du Musée de Picardie (Dilly en Mahéo, 1997), no. 187; Les Verres Antiques du Musée du Louvre II (Arveiller – Dulong et Nenna, 2005), no. 418; Les Verres antiques d’Arles – La collection du Musée departemental Arles antiques (Foy, 2010), no. 352 en no. 360.

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