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Roman splashed glass aryballos

Roman splashed glass aryballos

Mid first century AD. Eastern Mediterranean or Italy. H = 12.0 cm. D max = 10.0 cm. D rim = 3.8-4.2 cm. D base = 3.0 cm. Weight 171 gr.

Classification: Barag 1970: type 9.1, Fremersdorf 1938: group 3. Condition: Intact. Excellent preservation. Some weathering. Technique: Free blown, tooled. Handles applied. Description: Transparent aubergine glass with splashes of (mainly) opaque white and (few) pale blue glass. The spherical body resting on a slightly concave flattened base without pontil mark. Cylindrical neck. Rim folded outward/downward, then upward/inward and flattened to form a narrow, oval, disk-shaped brim. Two coil-handles drawn up from shoulder to halfway neck, excess glass folded back on handle. Body, neck and rim decorated with random splashes of opaque white and pale blue glass, melted flush with the surface. Splashes on neck elongated. Remarks: The speckled effect on the glass was achieved by applying random fragments of opaque white and pale blue glass, either by dropping these on the partly formed vessel’s surface or rolling it in loose fragments on a marver. After reheating and further inflation the fragments enlarge and distort, which gives the glass the speckled appearance.  Although many splashed glass vessels exist, only few splashed aryballoi are known. Provenance: Ex collection Mr. Demeulenaere., Ex collection Professor and Mrs Claude Dufourmentel. Published: Artcurial 12 May 2014, No. 105, Loudmer 3-4 June 1985, Verres Antiques et d”Islam, Collection de Mr. D., No. 98. References: Sotheby’s 7 July 1994, The Benzian Collection, No. 134., Ruellan 4 April 2009, Collection Louis-Gabriel Bellon, No.128., Christies 8 June 2004, No. 15 (ex Safani Collection and ex Fortuna Fine Arts). Harden et. al. 1968, The British Museum, p.58, invent. No. 1932.3-14.1

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