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Glass Codd Bottle from Guyana

Posted in 1. American Glass, Later American Glass after 1850 by Allaire Collection of Glass on April 27, 2016

Codd Bottle

This bottle has a cylindrical shape with a flat base and a Codd stopper inside. It is embossed with the words: Demerara Ice House, Proprietors D’Aguiar Bros and a trade mark of a hand with a heart on it. Demerara Ice House Hotel, is located in Georgetown, Guyana, and was purchased by the D’Aguiar Brothers around 1907. It is called a Codd Bottle because of this type of closure in the neck. Hiram Codd, an English engineer in 1872, patented a bottle filled under gas pressure which pushed a marble against a rubber washer in the neck, creating a perfect seal. It was mainly used for mineral effervescent water.
H: 9 inches
D: 1907 or later

Glass Codd Bottle 88A

Glass Codd Bottle 88A

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