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Frankish or Merovingian cone-shaped beaker of pale green glass. The body is decorated with pattern-molded diagonal ribs, and there is a fine trail of the same color glass applied in a horizontal spiral to the upper part of the body below the flaring rim. Flat base; minor repair.

H: 6 3/8 in

Late 5th to first half of 6th C.

Paris Sale # 515-16, Stern # 192, Collection of Nico F. Bijnsdorp (link)

History:  The Franks ( 400-580 AD) were a confederation of Germanic tribes from east of the Rhine, who settled in northeast Gaul (now France and Belgium) by the Roman authorities in order to protect Gaul from ‘barbarian’ invasion.  The Franks fought with the Romans against the Huns in 451.  But after the collapse of the Roman Empire, they began to extend their own rule.  King Clovis (481-511) established the powerful Merovingian dynasty, which governed both the Franks and the native Gallo-Romans.  He and his sons controlled much of present-day France and west Germany.


60E Merovingian Glass Cone Beaker

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  1. Mary Deevy said, on September 21, 2015 at 8:02 am

    Dear Mr and Mrs Allaire

    Thank you for sharing your amazing collection. Is it permissible to reproduce photographs from your blog? A small fragment of a similar cone beaker was discovered on an archaeological excavation in Ireland. It would be great to use a photo like yours in the excavation publication to show what a complete beaker looks like.


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