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CORE FORMED ALABASTRON of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen



Origin: Probably Eastern Mediterranean 4th – 3rd century BC.
(That is the era when the Seleukiden reigned over Israel with ao. king Antiochus IV)
Dimensions: ↑ 7,8 cm.; ø 2,5 cm.; weight 31,3 gram.

Description: A core formed Alabastron made from opaque dark blue glass enhanced with yellow and white glass threads marvered into the body of the object and afterwards treated with a “comb” or needle to create the feathering in the finished product. The rim is simply flanged out creating a yellow outer rim being an extra adornment. Two small stump shaped “handles” have been added. Objects from this period quite often have dark blue glass as the base material. The cobalt came most probably from the area nowadays known as Iran.

Condition: intact.

– Israeli, Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum pg. 63 nr. 58,
– von Saldern, Gläser der Antike, Sammlung Oppenländer pg. 57, nr. 188
– Bianchi at all, Reflections on Ancient Glass, from the Borowski collection
pg. 71 V-24
– Lightfoot, Ancient Glass in the National Museums of Scotland pg. 35, A 1936.435.

– Galerie Puhze 2002,
– Anonymous German (Rheinländische) collector,
– With Gorny & Mosch, München, Germany,
– In owners collection since 2011.

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