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MULTI-HANDLED JAR of  Hans van Rossum



4th – 5th century AD | Eastern Mediterranean

Size↑8.5 cm | ø 7.0 cm | Weight 75 g

Technique: Free blown, handles, foot and thread applied; tooled

Description: Transparent thin yellowish green glass, globular body folded out at the base to a rounded and polished ring-foot. Short cylindrical neck widening to a wide mouth with rim folded out and in. Body decorated with a thin colorless glass thread, encircling the body beginning at the base from right to left upwards toward the rim in eleven unequally separated revolutions. Seven narrow handles are drawn up, applied on the shoulder of the body, drawn up and at rim level bend in a sharp curve, finally attached to rim. Close to the rim the handles have been squeezed to make a thumb-rest followed by a second thumb-rest when attached to the rim. The thumb- rests show the vertical ribbing of the used hand-held tool. Pontil mark is visible.

Condition: Intact, one top-part of a thumb-rest is missing, some incrustation and spectacular silvery iridescence.

Provenance: Collection Paul E. Cuperus, Laren (NL) 2010, collection number PEC 100

Published: Gorny & Mosch Munich, Auktion Kunst der Antike no.145, 14. Dezember 2005 lot 17

Reference: Ancient Glass, exhibition Miho Museum (Japan), S.M. Goldstein no. 159

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