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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on September 14, 2016

Roman Glass Exhibition in Heerlen, Holland


An exhibition of Roman glass will be at the Therman Museum in Heerlen from April 29th until August 28th 2011.  Heerlen is a city in the southern part of Holland, close to the border of Germany.  The Museum derives its name from the ruins of a Roman bathhouse on which it stands. This location is an ideal place for this event which consists of almost 300 glass objects drawn entirely from private collections.  The objects are arranged around themes such as tableware, packaging and transport, and bathing.  Several rare objects will be included in the exhibition such as a beaker with four panels showing mythological figures, an opaque glass bottle with the image of the Greek warrior Ajax and the most important piece in the show a glass jug made by the master glassblower Ennion.  Accompanying the exhibition is an illustrated book with about 200 photographs by Tom Haartsen. Web site for museum:

Below are overviews of exhibition, the glass photos in the book are wonderful:

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