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#93 Venetian wine glass of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen

Description: The pointed round funnel bowl is directly set to the hollow “a tige” stem. The hollow stem narrows down to the slightly conical foot to which it is directly set.

Dimensions: H = 19,4 cm.; ø bowl = 8,1 cm.; ø foot = 8,4 cm.; weight = 76,7 gram.

Material: cristallo

Origin: Venice around 1575.

Literature: Erwin Baumgartner makes a distinction between “verres a tige” – like a twig – and “verres a jambe” – like a leg. The first group has a slightly conical hollow stem narrowing down to the foot of the glass and most of the time directly set to the foot. Bowl and stem are also directly connected. The second group has a stem with a narrowed down connecting piece to the bowl necessitating a merese at the stem to bowl connection and also a merese at the stem to foot connection (see glass # 120)

Parallels ao.:- Erwin Baumgartner, Venise et Façon de Venise, verres renaissance de musée des arts
décoratifs, Paris 2003, pg.98- Robert J. Charleston, Masterpieces of glass, a world history from the Corning  Museum of Glass, New York, 1980, pg. 92 38- Elville, The collectors dictionary of Glass, pg. 169 pict. 243 second glass from the right, having a somewhat shorter stem making it less elegant.

Provenance:- Old Dutch collection,- Frides Laméris Amsterdam.



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