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4th century AD. Egypt, Karanis.

H= 7.0 cm. D max= 19.2 cm. D rim= 19.2 cm. D base= 7.1 cm. Weight 276 gr.

Classification: Harden 1936: Class IV.A.

Condition: Excellent condition. Some light weathering.

Technique: Free blown. Tooled.

Description: Transparent viridian-green colored glass. Tubular rim, folded out and down to form a hollow flange. Gently flaring walls,at base of which a second hollow flange was formed by pushing in the flat floor. Center of floor slightly concave, pushed up a bit by the stem. Solid twisted stem flaring into a shallow conical foot. Tooling marks and a surrounding vine tendril on foot. Pontil mark.

Remarks: An extremely uncommon form for which it is hard to find a close parallel, but clearly related to deeper stemmed bowls such as Corning No. 111 and 112 and Kisa drawings G 422 and G 426. Also a bowl ex Dr. Carl Kempe Collection may be related (Bonhams 29 April 2004, No. 168)

Published: Charles Ede January 2001, Ancient Glass, No. 37.

Exhibited: Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, Antiek Glas, de kunst van het vuur, 17 May –16 September 2001, No. 80. Thermenmuseum Heerlen (NL), Romeins Glas uit Particulier Bezit, 29 April -28 August 2011, No. 032b.


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