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ROMAN GLASS TRULLA of Nico F. Bijnsdorp


 Late 1st – early 2nd century AD. Western Empire.

 H= 6.1 cm. D rim= 11.1 cm. D base= 5.7 cm. L= 19.4 cm.  Weight 113 gr.


Classification: Isings 1957: Form 75b.

Condition:Intact. Some weathering and iridescence.

Technique: Free blown. Handle and foot applied.

Description: Transparent pale green glass. Pan with deep cup and handle. Rim outfolded and rounded. Vertical wall slightly bulging just below rim and curving in sharply at bottom. Flat base with pointed kick and no pontil mark. Foot applied, outsplayed and with traces of tooling. Long flattened handle, made of drawn-out trail, attached to lip, then pinched out, with pincer-marks on top and bottom and excess glass folded back on whole length of the underside to the rim. Handle very broad at attachment to rim, narrowing to the middle and broadening again at the end.

Remarks: The word “trulla” can be defined as “ladle” or “dipper”. They were widely used inthe Roman Empire, serving as ritual objects in religious ceremonies for libations or for drinking or pouring purposes and  even in bathing activities.

Published: Gorny & Mosch 17 June 2004, No. 211.

Reference: Whitehouse 1997, Corning Museum, No. 346. Hayes 1975, Ontario Museum, No. 148. Arveiller-Dulong 2005, Louvre Museum, No. 36. Massabò 2001, Aquileia Museum, No. 72. Saldern 1974, Oppenländer Collection, No. 557 (p. 241).


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