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img_9408Glass 5,000 Years, Hugh Tait ed. 1991.

A well-illustrated survey of the history of glassmaking. Most of the examples shown are from the British Museum glass collection.




Glass in the Robert Lehman Collection, Dwight P. Lanmon, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1993. This volume focuses mainly on Venetian & Façon de Venise glass housed at the Met from the Lehman Collection and includes examples of his Roman glass objects.





\The Fascination of Ancient Glass, Martin Newby, 1999, This catalogue of the Dolf Schut Collection is outstanding, with exemplary photographs and detailed descriptions.  One of the most beautiful books on the subject.




Roman, Byzantine, Early Medieval Glass 10 BCE-700CE, Marianne Stern, 2001. The Ernesto Wolf Collection has been published in three volumes this one covering glass from Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages.



Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass Vol. I II III, David Whitehouse, 1997, 2001, 2003. Published in three volumes, one of the world’s most extensive collections of Roman glass is surveyed.  Each catalogue entry consists of a detailed description, notes, parallels and a color photo.





A Collection of Filigrana Glass, Frides Lameris Art and Antiques, Kitty Lameris, 2012. This book highlights the fine twist glasses from the collector Henk Germs.  Using these objects Ms. Lameris presents a very detailed overview of this popular decorating technique used during 16th & 17th century glassmaking.  Undoubtedly the best book on this subject.





Medieval Glass for Popes Princes and Peasants, The Corning Museum of Glass, David Whitehouse, 2010. This publication accompanies the exhibition of the same name at Corning.  The book examines the history of medieval glass vessels, mostly from Western Europe dating from the 5th-16th centuries. The catalogue of 124 glasses includes descriptions and colored photographs.  These objects were gathered from individuals and museums in the USA and Europe.  One of the finest references about Medieval Glass in English.



Glass Without Gloss, Harold E. Henkes, 1994 This volume begins its survey of glass vessels at a date of 1250 and continues to 1825.  Most have been found in the Netherlands and Western Europe. An excellent study aid in showing a wide variety of examples rarely published which were made during this time. Written in both Dutch and English.

See chapter one at 2b. Glass Books Recommended

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