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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass


9th-10th Century A.D.   H: 5.7 cm  H thumbrest: 7.65 cm  W: 3.3 cm

Rim: 2.22cm Length Spout: 1.8 plus cm

Technique: Blown from a three-part mould, two vertical and one to create a disk-shaped base (MCT VC); seams of the mould almost invisible except from two vague traces on the vertical sides at 90 degrees from mouth and handle; neck free blown; rim folded outwards to form the spout then rounded; handle attached on two cymbals, pulled up towards the rim and extracted to  create thumbrest; standing ring; concave base; heavy pontil mark.

Description: Dark-blue, opaque glass juglet of a small size, decorated with six bacchic cymbals.

Condition: Intact, unbroken, complete except from the tip of the spout broken off. Brown-gold iridescence.

Remarks: A symbolic winejug in miniature. In general the cymbals would be carried with various other items of the Bacchic cult during the processions of the cult’s festivals.

Provenance: From a dutch private collection, probably from Sassanian background.

Reference:Stern, 1995, p 316 no: 118; p 28-32 Elaborate explanation on mould technique.Fleming, 1999, Reflections on Cultural Change, p, 58, E.61 Carboni, 2002, Glass from Islamic Lands, p. 286

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