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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass


3rd. to 4th. century  A.D.   Isings form 109a. H: 9.8 cm, D(rim): 6.8 cm, W: 6.8 cm.


Technique:  Blown, rim cracked off and unworked; wheel-cut decorations; base made by folding to solid disk-like standing ring; flattened underside; no pontilmark.

Description: Biconical beaker; flaring rim; solid disk-like base; decorated with wheelcut lines, six in total of which one with broad groove at ¾ from base.

Condition: Complete and intact; with one vertical crack from rim to the middle of the corpus; some adhering sand on the inside; vessel obviously had been lying on its side; weathered throughout, but transparant.

Remarks: According to Isings this type of beaker was widely spread, dated findplaces from Syria to Cyprus, from Italy to Gaule.

Provenance: From a dutch collection.

Reference:La Baume, Cologne, no: D35., Von Saldern, collection Hentrich No: no 48, 249, Goethert-Polashek, 1977, p.83, no: 366, Boosen, Staatliche Kunstsammlung Kassel, 1989, p. 86, no 177, Constable-Maxwel collection, 1997, p.130, lot 232, Whitehouse, 2001, CMG vol I, p. 248, no: 422

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