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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass


        Of the 4th. to 5th. century     H: 10.1 cm,  D Rim: 5.2 cm, W Shoulder: 4.15 cm, W Body: 3.7 cm.


Technique: Blown into a ribbed mold; rim out-splayed with tubular lip by folding; short rather bulbous neck, tapering toward the end of the neck; shoulder tapering down into parison, inflated in dip-mold, withdrawn and blown to size and shape; base with slightly concave area; no pontil mark visible.

Description: Transparent, almost colorless glass vessel with funnel shaped mouth, wider than body; vertical decoration on wall of 18 straight vertical ribs.

Condition: Intact, with silvery iridescence on the inside, on which sandy encrustation.

Remarks: 18 straight vertical ribs plus parison shoulder and wide mouth gives the total of the bottle a reminiscence of a date-palm with short or pruned branches. An allusion probably to what content the jar once had.

Provenance: From Collector Antiquities London, 2007. Before, likely from Syro-palestinian background. Now in a dutch private collection.

Reference: Baur, 1938, p. 544, no: 100. Silberheim Collection, 1952, p. 28, lot 103. Hayes, 1975, pp. 113-114, no: 433. Whitehouse, 2001, CMG vol.II, p. 119, no: 618.

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