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Second half of 1st century AD.  Eastern Mediterranean, Probably Sidon.

H= 9.1 cm. D max= 3.8 cm. D rim= 2.1 cm. D base= 2.4 – 3.0 cm. Weight 22 gr.


Condition: Complete with small repair to upper neck. Some weathering.

Technique: Body blown into two-part mold with elongated cross section (MCT VIII J). Neck free blown. Handles applied.

Description: Translucent royal blue glass for lower body and handles, discoloration at upper body. Hexagonal body tapering downward. Flat base. On the body six oblong panels framed by four horizontal ribs at the top and two horizontal ribs at the bottom. Four panels at the front- and backside are decorated with floral scrolls. The two side panels are ornamented with stylized palm branches with eight or nine pairs of leaves. One continuous mold seam around body and underside of base between the scroll panels on front and back. Relief moderately crisp. Tall cylindrical neck merges into convex shoulder. On the shoulder, six arches in raised outline, each containing three small circular raised knobs. Everted, infolded rim. Two coil handles applied to shoulder, drawn up and attached to upper neck. Handles positioned over palm frond panels on sides of bottle, drawn out thin and folded back.

Remarks: Stern and Auth suggest, that this type of amphoriskos is derived from a mold-blown type created by Ennion and may have been crafted in his workshop. Stern describes four variants of hexagonal flasks with two handles and decorations with different vegetal scrolls, palm fronds and non floral motifs.

Provenance: Antiquarium Ltd., New York, 2009.

Published: Groen & Rossum 2011, Romeins Glas uit Particulier Bezit, Thermenmuseum Heerlen (NL),  p. 52.

Exhibited: Thermenmuseum Heerlen (NL), Romeins Glas uit Particulier Bezit, 29 April – 28 August 2011, No. 093.

 Refernces: Stern 1995, Toledo Museum, No. 63. Whitehouse 2001, Corning Museum, No. 515. Auth 1976, Newark Museum, No. 60. Matheson 1980, Yale Art Gallery, No. 129. Stern 2001, Ernesto Wolf Collection, No. 50. Israeli 2011, The Israel Museum, p. 53.


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