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Posted in 3. European Glass, Medieval Glass by Allaire Collection of Glass on February 10, 2017

Single Kuttrolf

Remarks: The Kuttrolf, mainly from Germany in the 16th C, is a beaker commonly found with several glass tubes, sometimes twisted, forming the neck having a cup-like upper container.  The example here represents a variant with a single open neck. The lower part of this beaker has a pushed in base and pontil mark.

Condition: broken and repaired

H: 18 cm

D: C. 1560

Ref: Christies Interiors, Sept. 2013 Lot # 199, Henkes, Glass Without Gloss, 1994, #27.2, Baumgartner, Phoenix aus Sand and Asche, 1988 #383, Baumgartner, Amend & Collection, 2005, #64,65 (double)

Provenance: Collection of E. Martin Wunsch

120E Single Kuttrolf

120E Single Kuttrolf

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