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AMPHORISKOS of  Hans van Rossum


Mid 3rd century – mid 4th century AD | Eastern Mediterranean, Palestine

Size↑10.6 cm | ø 7.3 cm | Weight 74 g


Technique: Free blown, handles, foot-coil applied

Classification: Stern 1977 type IB3a

Description: Translucent yellowish brown glass, squat globular body, cylindrical neck, wide funnel-mouth, rim folded outward. A heavy opaque blue glass coil ring around neck. Two opaque blue glass handles applied on the shoulder, drawn up and down, attached to the middle the neck in a fold. Coil base, no pontil.

Condition: Intact with incredible rainbow and silvery iridescence

Provenance:  Private Collection mr. & mrs. Claus, the Netherlands (1980-2017) Collection no. AR 01 Kunsthandel J. Polak, Amsterdam, bought by mr. and mrs. Claus on the Art Fair, de Kunstbeurs at Delft (NL), 25-10-1980

Reference: Gläser der Antike, Sammlung Oppenländer, A. von Saldern no. 665 Ancient Glass, the Bomford Collection of Pre-Roman & Roman Glass on loan to the City of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery no. 123 Glas der Antike Welt I, P. La Baume no. D94 Fire and Sand – Ancient Glass in the Princeton University Art Museum, A. Antonaras no. 106  Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum – The EliahuDobkin Collection and Other Gifts, Y. Israeli no. 343

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